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Where to buy essentials and what to bring home as souvenirs

Going shopping doesn’t differ much from one country to another, but here are some helpful points to keep in mind when picking up goodies to commemorate your time here.

Popular Scottish souvenirs

Noteworthy souvenirs include clothing made from the world-renowned Harris Tweed, woollen fabric that for generations has been dyed, spun and hand-woven by local residents of Tarbert on the Isle of Harris. Other popular Scottish souvenirs include silver jewellery, Scottish music, locally made shortbread biscuits, handmade ceramics and glassware and, of course, traditional tartan clothing such as kilts.

Single malt whisky is widely available, both in supermarkets and specialist whisky stores. Of course, you may find some special blends or personal recommendations if you purchase a bottle during a Scotch malt whisky tour.

For books, we recommend visiting bookstores like Waterstones (Princes Street) for art/photography/travel books of Scotland. Some of the more popular books may also be published in German or French.

If you forget something

No worries, you’ll find what you need in downtown Edinburgh. Princes Street, the main shopping street, is well stocked with various clothing shops, and in the Waverley shopping centre, near the train station, you will find Tiger, a budget variety store with cheap accessories like sunglasses, gloves, ear plugs, batteries and much more.  

Another good option for cosmetics, clothing and other general items is Marks and Spencer (M&S), a large grocery/department store on Princes Street (open 8 AM – 7 PM most days).

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