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Accommodation in Scotland

We can accommodate travellers of all needs and interests according to location, group size and budget.


At Nordic Visitor, we offer different categories of accommodations in our tour packages to suit our travellers‘ varied needs. As we have a vast network of trusted local suppliers, all accommodations for a tour package are arranged after booking. To ensure that the accommodations meet our own high standards for quality and service, each establishment has been hand-picked by our local travel experts.


Accommodation categories


Comfort Plus

Standard rooms in good quality and comfortable three-star hotels in combination with well-appointed guesthouses or charming country hotels. Accommodation options in this category are top local hotel brands, independent hotels and quality guesthouses. Rooms with private facilities and breakfast included.



Standard rooms in four-star hotels or boutique guesthouses in combination with Superior rooms in premium three-star hotels or the highest quality properties available. Accommodation options in this category are premium hotel brands and independent hotels. All properties, except boutique guesthouses, have a restaurant and bar on-site. Rooms with private facilities and breakfast included.

1 person = one single room
2 sharing = one twin/double room
3 sharing = not available
4 sharing = two twin/double rooms
5 or more sharing = as requested 

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