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York is considered by many visitors to be one of the most beautiful cities in the UK. Founded in 71 AD by the Romans, its long and fascinating history, numerous cultural attractions and great restaurants makes York an ideal destination on a tour through North England.

Wandering through the streets of its centre is like stepping back in time, particularly on The Shambles, one of the best preserved medieval streets in the world. This area, formerly a butchers market, with its maze of twisting, narrow lanes lined by timber-framed 14th century buildings hosts a wealth of shops, tourist attractions, restaurants, walking tours and more.

Another medieval landmark to visit is York Minster, the largest gothic-style cathedral in Northern Europe. A visit inside reveals stained glass windows, stone masterpieces and foundations that date back to the UK’s earliest history. For a good workout — and a rewarding view — climb the 275 steps up to the Central Tower, the city’s highest viewpoint.

For an even deeper look into York’s history, visit the Jorvik Viking Centre, which shows how the city may have looked back when the Vikings called it Jorvik. Exhibits include the remains of 1,000 year old Viking settlements that were discovered by archaeologists in the late 1970s.

Or for a look at more modern history, take a visual journey through the National Railway Museum. The exhibits tell the story of over 300 years of railway history, including over a million train-related artefacts! You can even step on board restored locomotives and explore giant halls full of trains like the majestic Duchess of Hamilton, the futuristic Japanese Bullet Train or the opulent Royal Trains.

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