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Lowther Castle in Scotland

Lowther Castle

There are few castle ruins as dramatic as Lowther. Set amongst medieval woodland and sprawling lawns, the hollowed-out yet grand structure makes for a striking image.

The remains of the present castle have stood since 1806, though the grounds have been occupied by the Lowther family for over 800 years. The castle was closed to the public during World War II and was re-opened in 2011 after one of Europe’s largest renovation projects. The “lost gardens”, having been neglected for 70 years, are also slowly being revived. They now offer a sort of storybook atmosphere with its nearly hidden trails, overgrown plants clinging to cottage walls and wonderful discoveries all around.

Also of interest is the new and enchanting Lost Castle, set deep within the woods of the Lowther estate. This large timbre structure, designed in a similar manner as Lowther Castle, is one of Britain’s largest wooden play areas and offers adventures for all ages.

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