Cawdor Castle

Visit this protected historical site that is home to the Dowager Countess Cawdor.

Cawdor Castle is a protected historical site located 16 km (10 mi) east of Inverness. The oldest part of the castle has been dated to the year 1380, though many additions and renovations were made by its various occupants over the course of centuries. The castle is thought to have been built around small, living holly trees, the remains of which can still be seen in the tower’s lowest level.

The Campbells have owned the castle since the 16th century and it is home to the Dowager Countess Cawdor.

Though the historical King Macbeth never resided in Cawdor Castle, and was ruler of Scotland centuries before the castle’s construction, William Shakespeare wrote in his play, Macbeth, that three witches predicted the title character would be named Thane of Cawdor before being named king. Many link Cawdor castle to Macbeth for this reason, though the castle is never referenced in the play.

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