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Tarn Hows in the Lake District

Tarn Hows

For a region called the Lake District, it may come as a surprise that one only of its lakes (Bassenthwaite) actually has Lake in its title. Otherwise there are plenty of waters, meres and tarns here, with tarns being the name for the small mountain lakes or pools.

Tarn Hows is actually three tarns that were joined together in the 19th century, creating an exceptionally scenic spot for picnics and walks. Despite being partially man-made, it’s now one of the most picturesque places in the Lake District.

A favourite walking spot of Beatrix Potter, the famous children’s author bought Tarn Hows in 1929 and sold them to the National Trust for conservation. Today you can follow in Potter’s footsteps on a 1.5-mile (approx. 2 km) path leading around the tarn. 

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