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Scotland Tours in November

Breathe in the crisp air and admire landscapes glittering in frost. Soak up the buzzing atmosphere at winter festivals and Christmas markets. Enjoy a Scotland tour in November that’s arranged by the travel experts at Nordic Visitor, and look forward to your autumn escape.

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Want to know all about Scotland tours in November? You’re in the right place!

Travel to Scotland in November to experience an authentic side of the country, when you can catch the colours of autumn and the frost of winter.

At this time of year, you’ll find there are fewer visitors compared to the peak summer season. This means you get more of the dramatic scenery and driving routes to yourself.

As a Scottish tour operator based in Edinburgh, we know Scotland inside out. Whether you choose a self-drive adventure or privately guided vacation, your personal travel consultant will use their expert knowledge to craft your itinerary.

Plus, when you book a trip to Scotland with Nordic Visitor, you get hand-picked accommodation, transportation reservations, daily breakfast and access to our 24/7 helpline.

Get in touch via our live chat or toll-free numbers and we'll happily plan your Scotland tour.



Why book with Nordic Visitor

  • Hassle-free & seamless travel experience
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Explore Scotland on a road trip

Explore the Highlands and beyond on a self-drive tour. You do the driving, we handle your accommodations, route planning and any itinerary customisations. Tours come with a hand-marked map, free GPS, attractions guide and more.

8 days / 7 nights
Nov - Mar

Scotland Winter World



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8 days / 7 nights
Nov - Mar

Scotland Winter World



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7 days / 6 nights
Nov - Mar

Scottish Winter Escape



View map
7 days / 6 nights
Nov - Mar

Scottish Winter Escape



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Travel in Scotland on a private tour

Enjoy more Scottish cultural insights on a privately guided tour with a local driving you around in style. Tours are fully customisable and ideal for those interested in Scotch whisky, Scottish cuisine, Outlander film locations and more.

Privately Guided
5 days / 4 nights
Nov - Mar

Scottish Highlands Express Winter - Private



View map
5 days / 4 nights
Nov - Mar

Scottish Highlands Express Winter - Private



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Privately Guided
8 days / 7 nights
Nov - Mar

Scottish Highlands & Isle of Skye Winter - Private



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8 days / 7 nights
Nov - Mar

Scottish Highlands & Isle of Skye Winter - Private



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Experience Scotland your way

We have tours for all varieties of travel styles and interests. See our options for exploring Scotland below.

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Highlights of Scotland, October 2020

A very good tour with a great information pack.

A very good tour with good information and map with highlighted attractions and a very good information pack.


Express Scotland, October 2019

Absolutely love working with Nordic Visitor!

I have already traveled twice with Nordic Visitor, and am already in the process of booking a third trip! Absolutely love working with you! Every bed and breakfast we stayed at was amazing. The hosts were so welcoming with great suggestions of things to do and places to eat. The rooms were very comfortable, and the amenities were awesome! 

Moreen, Singapore

Scotland Winter World, January 2020

Our second time with Nordic Visitor!

This is our second time using Nordic Visitor.

Lisa, United States

Classic Scotland, October 2019

The trip of a lifetime!

Every accommodation was stunning! We were met with enthusiasm and kindness and courtesy. I cannot say enough about our trip and the way it was set up and the accommodations. Everything was spot on and it was the trip of a lifetime for my sister and I. We already have friends who have booked a trip through Nordic as well. I am seriously considering another trip to Scotland next year and using Nordic for sure.

Audrey, United States

Scottish Highlands & Isle of Skye, October 2019

Great trip!

All of the hotels had great food and people. Response time was excellent -  Agnes was very attentive. The packets were wonderful, we referred to them constantly. The big map was very helpful as well.

Raymond, Canada

Classic Scotland, October 2019

Very satisfied

Our second trip with Nordic Visitor. Recommended friends who went to the Scandinavian countries with Nordic Visitor and they were very satisfied.

Wally, United States

Scottish Highlands & Isle of Skye - Private, October 2019


Our experience was excellent. We had no worries the entire trip.  

Matt K, United States

Scottish Highlands & Isle of Skye, October 2019

Wonderful trip!

Once in the tour, we realized everything was simple and working out as planned. No issues. It was wonderful!

Scotland Travel Guide

Start preparing for your trip by doing some research before your Scottish adventure.

Flights to Scotland

The two biggest international airports in Scotland are in Glasgow, Scotland’s largest city, and in Edinburgh, the capital city and usual starting point for Nordic Visitor tours. Flight times to Scotland are, for example, 6.5 hours from New York City and 1.5 hours from London. Major international airlines with flights to Scotland include (but are not limited to) British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, United Airlines, American Airlines, Delta and KLM.

Scotland and the rest of the UK is on GMT time. If your journey to Scotland involves one or more connecting flights, or if you're crossing several time zones to get here, your dedicated Nordic Visitor travel consultant can add extra nights in Edinburgh to your package so you can rest up after arrival.

Please note that flights to Scotland are not included in Nordic Visitor packages.


If you want to know more about Scotland tours in November, read on for our expert advice. We’re here to answer your most commonly asked questions to help you understand what it’s like to visit Scotland in November.

What are the best things to do in Scotland in November?

Thankfully, many of Scotland’s amazing attractions are accessible all year long. What’s more, even with short daylight hours and cooler weather, if you’re travelling to Scotland during the winter months, you’ll find plenty of things to do.

Here are the 10 best things to do in Scotland in November:

  • Drive around the beautiful Scottish Highlands
  • Admire the natural scenery
  • Attend a winter festival or Christmas market
  • Visit the buzzing cities, charming towns and fishing villages
  • Explore picturesque, ancient ruins and castles
  • Discover stunning Scottish islands
  • Learn about Scotland’s Viking heritage
  • Taste exquisite food and drink, including Scotch whisky
  • Walk along the lochs and glens
  • Meet the local wildlife

What are the best places to visit in Scotland in November?

With fewer visitors compared to the summer, you’ll have more of Scotland’s top places to yourself in November. Take advantage of this to get to know its towns, historic sites and natural highlights at a relaxed pace.

Here are some of the best places to visit in Scotland in November:

What is the weather like in Scotland in November?

In November Scotland’s weather is fairly cool as winter is just beginning. On average, there are highs of 8°C (46°F) and lows of 2°C (36°F). You’ll still be able to see some of the beautiful fall colours, particularly at the start of November.

As Scotland’s climate can be a little unpredictable, prepare for rain, wind, sunshine and snow in November.

What are November temperatures in Scotland?

Scotland has average high temperatures of 8°C (46°F) and lows of 2°C (36°F) in November.

What to wear in Scotland in November?

Like in many of the Nordic countries, Scots have the saying: “There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing”

Since the weather is changeable in Scotland, we recommend you wear layers. That way you can remove or add clothes depending on the day’s weather. Make sure to bring some lightweight and warm under layers, as well as a waterproof and insulated jacket.

Here is an essential packing list for your Scotland tour in November

  • Lightweight layers
  • Warm jumper or fleece
  • Jeans or warm trousers
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Insulated jacket
  • Waterproof trousers
  • Wool socks for hiking
  • Scarf, gloves and a warm hat
  • Sturdy boots for forest and hill walks

What are the daylight hours in November in Scotland?

The winter solstice is usually the 21 December in Scotland, which means that daylight hours grow shorter and shorter in November. Depending on where in the country you go and the time of month you visit, you’ll have between 6 and 9 daylight hours per day.

At the start of November, the sun rises at 7:20 AM and sets at 4:30 PM in Edinburgh. At the end of the month, the sunrise takes place at 8:15 AM and the sunset at 3:45 PM.

Does it snow in Scotland in November?

It can snow in Scotland in November, although in the towns and cities it is more likely to rain. If you visit rural areas with higher ground, you will have more chance of experiencing snow in Scotland.

How is driving in Scotland in November?

Winter in Scotland can bring icy and snowy conditions. However, in November, you’re more likely to encounter rain, making it an easy location to do a winter road trip. Just make sure you come ready to drive on the left!

The winter days are short, so we recommend not overloading yourself with too much driving. This way, you can enjoy the sights along the way during the daytime.

During your trip check weather and road conditions regularly. For your peace of mind, our team is on hand 24/7 should you need to contact us at any point. And if there is an unexpected event or severe weather, we’ll get in touch and modify your itinerary while keeping you safe and informed.

When you book a self-drive tour with Nordic Visitor, your car rental comes with collision damage waiver, a GPS, and a hand-marked map of your route. You also get two named drivers on the insurance policy so you can share the driving with a travel companion.

Can I see the northern lights in Scotland in November?

It is possible that you could see the northern lights in Scotland in November, particularly if you visit the northern regions. That said, it’s still a rare occurrence. Scotland lies too far south of the North Pole for the aurora borealis to put on a regular display.

To increase your chances of spotting the auroras, we recommend heading further north, towards the Arctic Circle, between October and March. You could pick a northern lights tour in Iceland, Lapland or Northern Norway.

What are the most popular events in Scotland in November?

Travel to Scotland in November and you could attend some of the varied events hosted around the country. Choose from a range of themes such as art, literature, cinema, drinks and, of course, Christmas!

Here are some of the best events taking place in Scotland in November:

  • Oban Winter Festival
  • Christmas markets (Edinburgh & Glasgow)
  • North East of North (NEoN) Digital Arts Festival
  • Stirling Gin Festival
  • Edinburgh Art Fair
  • Book Week Scotland
  • Glasgow Whisky Festival
  • Dundee Mountain Film Festival

It’s also good to know that the Scots celebrate St Andrew's Day on 30 November. This is a bank holiday in honour of the patron saint of Scotland, with plenty of festivities you can join in on. Think traditional ceilidh dances, food festivals, and whisky galore!

How to tour Scotland in November?

There are various ways to travel on your Scotland tour in November. Depending on your personal tastes and requirements, you could either go for a guided or self-guided vacation.

Road trip around Scotland
November is a good time to visit Scotland on a self-drive tour. As it’s not the peak season, there are fewer visitors and less traffic on the roads compared to summer.

Pick up your rental car from Edinburgh or Glasgow and drive to iconic locations. You could visit St Andrews, Cairngorm National Park, the Isle of Skye and Fort William, amongst many more. Why not try your luck spotting the Loch Ness Monster from Fort Augustus?

Driving in Scotland is an adventure that you won’t regret! Especially if you book with Nordic Visitor, as we offer collision damage waiver, free GPS, and a 24/7 helpline for emergencies.

Good to note: In Scotland, and the wider UK, motorists drive on the left. If you are not used to this, we recommend hiring an automatic car. Alternatively, you could choose a guided tour instead and have a local expert do all the driving.

Learn about Scottish history and culture with a private guide
On the other hand, you might prefer to be accompanied by your very own local expert throughout your Scotland experience.

A privately guided tour is one of the most exclusive ways to see Scotland and learn all about this beautiful country. You’ll have your own personal guide to show you the best locations and teach you about the local history.

Whatever tour you pick, you’ll take advantage of all our signature benefits. These include charming accommodation, daily breakfast, transportation, such as car rental and ferries, our Nordic Visitor Scotland Travel Guide, and a hand-marked map with your route and highlights.

You’ll also have activities and day trips, like entry to castles and whisky distilleries, included in some packages. All our self-drive tours include a Historic Scotland Explorer Pass or a Scottish Heritage Pass so you can pick what sites you want to visit.

Good to know: Our Scotland itineraries aren’t set in stone. Our Edinburgh-based Scotland experts know the country inside out. They’ll help you see the country your way, tailoring your itinerary and adding all the best excursions to suit you.

Scroll down to learn more about Nordic Visitor’s services.



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