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Yorkshire Dales

Yorkshire Dales National Park

In Yorkshire, just north of Harrogate and York, discover one of England’s most famous sites of natural beauty. The Yorkshire Dales National Park was established in 1954 and attracts over 4 million visitors every year. On a visit to this tranquil region, you’ll soon see why it’s so popular.

The locals, around 23,500 people, are very proud of their home. Rolling green hills dotted with old stone farms provide spectacular walking trails with incredible views at every corner. The roads here are long, narrow and winding, usually lined by stone walls and set against beautiful backdrops.

The term ‘dale’ comes from the Old English word “dæl”, meaning “valley”. Dales are often named after the river that runs through them, but sometimes after villages that have been there for many years. One famous example is the valley of Wensleydale, where the popular cheese comes from.

You might want to pack a picnic to enjoy at any number of viewpoints, or stop in a quaint village to dine at a local pub. Some charming towns include Hawes, Settle, and Skipton. At Malham, discover Malham Cove, an amphitheatre-shaped limestone cliff used in the penultimate Harry Potter film.

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