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Yorkshire Dales National Park

Established in 1954, the Yorkshire Dales National Park offers plenty of picnic spots, good walks and great views all around. This picture-perfect area is known for its quaint villages, winding roads and stone walls that crisscross the rolling hills. The locals will tell you that each dale, or valley, has its own character, from stone-built farms and grazing sheep to remarkable limestone rock formations.

One such limestone feature, the Twistleton Scar above Ingleton, makes for a unique and eerie photo opportunity with its gnarled trees standing alone among the unusually patterned natural pavement. Another notable site is Malham Cove, a huge, curved amphitheatre-like limestone cliff that featured in a scene in Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows.

The scenic Ingleton Waterfalls are also worth a stop. A 4.5-mile (7.2 km) walk takes you through beautiful oak woodland alongside the River Twiss to several spectacular falls.

Your drive through the Yorkshire Dales also takes you through the villages of Hawes, Settle, Malham and Skipton — all great places to park the car and relax in a charming atmosphere.

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