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Nestled on the banks of the River Wear, in northeast England, Durham is a quintessential medieval city. Here, you can wander winding cobbled streets and uncover the town’s rich history.

The origins of Durham can be traced back to 955 CE. A local story – The Legend of Dun Cow – recounts that a group of travelling monks were searching for a place to bury Saint Cuthbert’s body. A young girl with a cow is said to have led the men to the region now known as Durham.

When you visit, you’ll be enchanted by quaint cafés, boutiques and the peaceful river running through the town. In fact, the city is so charming that the whole centre of Durham is a designated conservation area.

One of the most notable landmarks here is Durham Cathedral, built in the late 11th century in honour of Saint Cuthbert. The cathedral is one of the largest and finest examples of Norman architecture in England. Along with Durham Castle, this part of the city is declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

You’ll recognise Durham Cathedral as a filming location for the Harry Potter films. On top of this, a few scenes from the blockbuster Avengers: Endgame were also shot here.

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